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—tell them no one will take them seriously in a frilly pink dress. or that make-up.
tell them they have a confidence problem. that they should learn to speak up, like the hyper-masculine words were always the first to raise their hands. — like totally whatever by melissa lozada
SONG OF THE PRETTY BIRDon the evening of a cool, fall night, the birth of a baby girl. treasured to death by the two parents in the hospital room, this darling angel would be given the life she deserved. the life she wanted, anything she wanted. no one would be able to tell her no. because that is how they would raise her. never take no for an answer. shoot for the stars.raised in the shelter of a comfortable home, a home filled to the brim with love and care for a child that would never reach the expectations that were being set for her so soon. a child raised on the expectation of perfection can only climb so high, can’t they?home happened to be a calming environment. at all times, it was like looking into a family photobook ripped from the hallmark channel. prim and perfect, safe and loving within those walls. nothing to really cause any concern or worry on the outside.some could assume that the family was a fairly normal one, in which they’d be correct. nothing out of the ordinary resided in this home. growing up with two older brothers allowed for practice in fighting, though. fighting that sometimes ended fairly badly, usually being broken up by their father, as he never tolerated that sort of roughhousing.aside from the occasional limits of her boundaries being pushed, their daughter remained the pristine and proper girl they would continue to raise for years to come.
born in a home full of love, growing up in a home with no room for mistakes or errors, creates a human being that is almost as inviting as a hug from one’s mother.
kailee amoré. the girl next door. a girl who will offer to sit next to you in lunch when you’re alone. someone that will stand up for you when you’re knocked down. this is her legacy, this is her reputation. her name, written with a pink glittery gel pen, is etched into the hearts of those she meets. everyone who crosses her path will remember the girl who practically read their mind and delivered anything they were thinking of.


PERSONALITYnaturally playful, holding the capability of being quite soft-hearted and slightly too kind at times. a young soul, through and through. love runs through her veins, gentleness through her bones. some would call her gullible or naive , and they’d be correct, as she is extremely trusting unless proven otherwise. blushing comes easily to this one, as well as laughter. she’ll be the biggest supporter for anyone who desires it, yet she does surprisingly have a strong backbone when it comes to defending others or standing up for herself. allowing her kindness to fool you will be a mistake in the long run. overall, she’s quite friendly by nature, it’s always been fairly easy for her to make new friends. the world is her oyster, as her mother said, and she’s going to make it dazzle.IDENTITY
name: kailee amoré.
nickname(s): kai, k.
gender: female.
age: nineteen.
sexual orientation: bisexual biromantic.
love language: physical touch. quality time.
mother: susie amoré.
father: victor amoré.
siblings: abaddon amore. alaric amore.

MISCELLANEOUShobbies: shopping. looking expensive. finding new sweets to try. collecting pretty antiques. collecting stuffed animals.
daily attire: anything of the pastel color spectrum. skirts that are too short. white thigh-high socks. mary-janes. bows. pearl headbands. gingham clothing. heart sunglasses. a very posh blended with pastel wardrobe.
PHYSICALITYfaceclaim: cierra ramirez.
eye color: light hazel.
hair color: dark brown, very close to black.
hair type: quite long, reaching down to her upper back. naturally straight.
skin tone: light tan, somewhat close to a fuller tan but not quite.
body type: fully developed in all areas, dawning a pear-shaped figure. leaning into a curvy figure as well.
voice: slightly lower-pitched than common, almost as if honey is lacing the words oozing from her tongue.
tattoos: none.
height: 5’1.
most noticeable feature(s): matte red lips. her butt. her eyes when she smiles.


☞ MIDNIGHT MASSSusie Amoré. Victor Amoré. Especially involved residents of Crockett community, having been that way since they were in their teens. Although, with the sudden birth of their daughter, Kailee, things seemed to.. change. The Lord no longer felt like a safe haven for them, in a way they had difficulty explaining. Rarely attending mass, only truly attending to allow little Kailee the chance to meet the Monsignor they knew so well.
Not long after, with their sons out of the house and attending college on the mainland, the home grew different. Quiet, residing in the farthest corner of the island. Kailee, older and far more independent, attended mass daily. It didn’t matter if her parents told her differently, warned her that they felt something terrible was going to happen to her soon, she would attend. Even if she and Leeza were the only ones in attendance, she would show.
Of course, to afford her own things since her mother became a bit more selfish with her funds, Kailee took up a few shifts at the island store once she talked her way into being hired for the late-night shift.
Soon, and this felt similar to a feeling her parents endured when they gave birth to her, a new Monsignor appeared at mass. The air, the energy, felt.. heavy.

☞ THE LAST OF USA fighter could be a lover all in the same breath, no? An aggressive, enraged fighter would never show love the same way they did as a child. During the evening of the first events of the story, Kailee was only one years old. While she was protected with every fibre of her family’s beings, they could only do so much with a baby in the middle of those conditions. With that in mind, around the time she had turned sixteen, their situations grew rough. Militia groups were formed, people were rioting and wreaking havoc amongst safe havens. Her family grew distant from each other, the outside world and dangers causing rifts between them. Time went on and Kailee somehow reached the age of nineteen, yet .. she was alone. Her eldest brother, Alaric, had joined the FireFlies. Never to be heard from again. Her mother and other sibling, Abaddon, passed away during a gruesome break-in by a group of looters. Kailee and her father were the only two to survive that day. And as weeks went on, her father couldn’t hold on for much long and a sickness latched onto him. A sickness, a plague, that evolved and transformed him into the very monsters they spent so long running and hiding from. Per her father’s dying wish, to stop the spread any further .. she shot him.
A young girl in a world as haunting and dangerous as the one around her required strength and skill to survive. Her heart had been hardened, remaining cold from the lives she had watched leave her side, and had no plans of warming up to anyone anytime soon. A human weapon was brewing behind those doe-like eyes of hers.

These three specific rules were what kept her alive at the end of summer. Or, almost alive. Keeping to herself, staying alone, didn’t help her exactly make friends with the other counselors. Fortunately for her, the Hacketts were fairly kind people to her. Or, the only Hacketts she had met; Chris and Kaylee. Chris having wanting the two of them to meet since they had the same name, different spelling. It was cute.
It didn’t stay that way, in the end. Even as he told everyone to stay INDOORS, things simply went south in a way that none of them could have predicted. None of them could have prepared for this. As the counselors split into groups, ending up in different areas throughout the evening, Kailee found herself at the dock. Frightened, alone, and trying to think of a way to escape the pursuit by the.. creature that was chasing her. When she figured it out, it was too late.
About an hour or so later, eyes opened wide and breathing came out labored and full of terror. Blood splattered about the dock, covering her shoulder and torso. It got her. She was alone, the creature was nowhere to be found.. until the sound of a gunshot could be heard in the distance. Her night was just getting started.


☞ ST: SEASON ONEKailee Amoré. A fairly known name within Hawkins, Indiana. Living a few houses down the street from the Byers, people could spot her within a crowd with ease. She was the town sweetheart, brightening one’s day with a simple smile and bat of her eyelashes. A girl that everyone felt could be their friend, but never truly would attempt it, as a way to ensure they never corrupted the kind cheerleader with their own personal vices. Drinking, parties, anything that a typical highschooler would indulge in for the hell of it; it never stuck with her. Instead of doing anything of that nature, Kailee would rather reside at the Byers’ home, usually babysitting Will. The two grew fairly close, as she seemed to be one of the only girls of Hawkins who could play pretend the way the little kids could. Always encouraging him to continue drawing, continue playing D&D, and continue being the Will that is enjoying being himself. Things seemed fairly okay in Hawkins, until..
She couldn’t explain it. She couldn’t explain the feeling in the pit of her stomach when she heard the Byers' dog barking. That wasn’t a normal sort of barking, no. Something was wrong; horribly wrong. And even by the time she had made it over to the home, the home was empty, except for their pup who had been barking endlessly. Where did he go? Where’s Will? That question rang through her head for many days, and many more as the news caught on that little Will Byers was missing.
No, she couldn’t let the town think it was taking such a horrible toll on everyone, including the girl who would normally spread hope and positivity. So, she helped search for him, even if she felt within her that they weren’t going to find him. At least, not in the way they were searching.
Days went on, curfew was set, and things seemed to become heavy. Too heavy for her to handle, to breathe through. So, and with a quick invite from the King of Hawkins High himself, she attended a party. Only a few, his close friends and Barbara Holland. She recognized Barbara, absolutely. Having had said hello to her in the hallway every so often, her and Barb were on fairly okay terms.
Which would explain why she felt that feeling again, that sinking pit in her stomach, as she stood by the sliding glass door of Steve’s house and watched in petrified, frozen silence.. as something, someone, took Barbara. The sight sent a sudden panic through her, sending her quickly turning on her heels and leaving Steve’s house without a word to anyone else. No, no, this was too familiar. Something about that was completely off. She was there one second, and gone the next? Just like.. Will.
To most, Will Byers being home meant things would return to normal. And for most, that is exactly how things ended up. Although, for Kailee Amoré, things didn’t end up that way. Struggling to uphold the reputation of the town sweetheart, she went day by day thinking of what could have happened to Barbara Holland. If Will could come home, why couldn’t Barb? Selfish thinking from a teenager who didn’t even consider the girl a close friend, not the way Nancy Wheeler did, but she couldn’t deny the way her mind worked. Her father always told her, never take no for an answer, and she took that to heart.
In the midst of it all, with Will back home, Kailee attempted to rebuild the connection the two had. Visiting more often once again, always ensuring to ask permission from Joyce as she would understand that his mother was a lot more protective at this point. Understandable. However, that wasn’t too hard as she typically visited Joyce at the store she worked at, always buying a pack of gum to have an excuse to ask how Joyce was doing with her day. Courtesy.
On the off hand of protecting her image within the town, Kailee decided against joining Jonathan and Will on trick-or-treating, and followed the words on the orange flyer. A Halloween party? Oh, she’s there.
And there she was, stepping past the bathroom when she heard a slight argument going on behind the door. Those voices, as she leaned close to the door to hear clearer over the loud music playing throughout the house, were familiar. Too familiar. Nancy and Steve? Her suspicions rang true as she hung near a close corner, acting as if she hadn’t heart a thing by pretending to drink from an empty red solo cup, when Steve exited the bathroom looking more upset than she had seen him in a while. A long while, actually. Poor Steve.
However, that wasn’t her concern at the moment. Sure, she’d offer support when he needed it, but there were bigger things at hand. Something else was happening in Hawkins that no one seemed to want to admit to. Something darker. Unfortunately, as she rode her bike down the empty street back to her home one night, she was proven correct when she spotted a figure in the distance. A figure that looked vastly similar to the thing that took Barb.

☞ ST: SEASON THREESummer of 85’. Finally, a break from all of the hidden chaos within Hawkins. Chaos hid underneath the noses of those who avoided crossing paths with a few specific residents of the town. Although, the same couldn’t be said for Kailee. With school being out for the scorching season, she felt there had to be something to do to take her mind off of the terrors she had witnessed in the past few months. Perhaps, something like a summer job. Money was never an issue for her and her family, which meant this was simply for fun. And what job was more exciting than being a lifeguard?
Seated atop the lifeguard tower, adorning a pair of blush pink sunglasses over her eyes, was a privilege. One that was so rudely interrupted when the boy who had transferred from California decided to work there as well, giving her a run for her money as all the town moms were seemingly obsessed with him. Good riddance, she thought, as she climbed down the tower and walked past the blonde without a single word in his direction. She was a lifeguard, not a school teacher; she didn’t need to befriend everyone.
Of course, there was someone she was happy to have remained friends with throughout all of this; Steve Harrington. Along with his new companion, Robin Buckley. The two weren’t exactly close, but Robin seemed to tolerate Kailee. For that, she visited Scoops quite often. Even after hours. And after hours meant she managed to stop by on the same day the three of them, including Dustin Henderson, were busy snooping around somewhere they shouldn’t have been. But Steve trusted Kailee, and she proved to know how to keep her word. Although, did that loyalty require keeping secrets about a Russian government operation hiding beneath the floors of the Starcourt mall?
Tune in next time, where we’ll come to find our heroes risking it all for the lives of the innocent in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, at the Starcourt Mall.
☞ ST: SEASON FOURHad she hit a low point? Rock bottom? Always looking out of the kitchen window to the empty home that once belonged to the Byers. It became a somewhat daily routine, even as school was back in session and extracurriculars like cheerleading and book club were there to keep her mind occupied elsewhere, to simply hope that the Byers would return again. As much as she wished for it to happen, she knew why they were gone, why they had moved on to a different chapter of their lives. It was for the best.
After a bit of time, Kailee managed to bring back the cheerful and upbeat girl she was before all of this shit with the Upside Down entered her life. It was as if she was finally able to turn over a new leaf, finish this last year of high-school without a worry in the world. And things were going great for her, until..
A murder. Hawkins hadn’t been known to be the safest place for a minute, but a murder of this kind of nature.. just felt eerie. It didn’t help that the basketball team believed it to be the fault of the D&D club, Hellfire. A club that Mike Wheeler and Dustin Henderson, two of the closest friends of Will Byers that Kailee had ever seen, were apart of. It couldn’t be true, not with those two involved. Aside from that, she had seen the other members of Hellfire in the cafeteria at times, and while it might seem naive, she just couldn’t believe these boys would ever hurt anyone. So, while the basketball team went on a hunt for the leader of Hellfire, Kailee had a brain. Joined her friends Steve and Robin, to help Eddie Munson, hide from the public eye.
These were teens, just teens, trying to live a normal life. And now, here they were, going up against the Upside Down in a way that would take more than they could ever handle. This was something bigger than just a demogorgon or two. The mindflayer had nothing on this. No, this was.. the end of the world.


☞ SLASHERInnocence can be the most delicate mask, when used properly. As the kind and gentle, warm smile stretches onto perfectly glossed lips.. the weapon is hidden behind hauntingly dark-brown eyes. She’s watching.
This verse is interchangeable with various slasher-esque aus and worlds where Kailee is the slasher. To be simply put.

☞ FEAR STREET: 1994Unlike most of the residents of Shadyside, Ohio, Kailee wasn’t born there. In fact, around the age of fifteen was when her and her family decided to uproot their lives in the south and move up north to Ohio. According to their father, the town was the final choice of residency due to the quaint and naturalistic atmosphere it held. Unbeknownst to the Amoré household, their definition of quaint would soon change upon hearing about the mass killings at the Shadyside mall.
While life seemingly took a turn for the worse when things became more bleak, their daughter wouldn’t allow that to ruin the chances of a new and fresh start at high school life. As she was eighteen, her senior year was going to be one of her favorite times in school. She would make sure of that; holding the title of cheer captain at Shadyside High, winning prom queen at the Junior Prom, and being fairly well-known around the town were all some of the many highlights of her presence in Shadyside. While most of that revolved around school and social life, something most of the residents of the town have yet to realize is that .. things became a lot more chaotic upon the arrival of the Amoré family. Was it a coincidence that things picked up immensely once they moved in? Who’s to say.

☞ FEAR STREET: 1978Ah, summer never ends, right?
Two sides to a camp; Shadyside and Sunnyvale. All things considered, a summer camp full of young campers causing reckless fun and chaos sounded right up Kailee’s alley when she applied to be a summer camp lifeguard. Two lifeguards; one for Sunnyvale and one for Shadyside, to ensure that every camper had someone to keep an eye on them. While the waters proved to be an easy location for overseeing activities, the counselors themselves were a different story.
Time passed, fun never-ending, all until a fateful evening of a few counselors slipping away into the woods. Although Kailee had no clue what they were getting into, she knew damn well that none of it should have lead to the horror that began later that evening during the color war.
By the grace of the heavens watching over her, and a heavy kick to Tommy Slater’s ( or, what used to be the beloved counselor ) stomach in a strong attempt to get some distance between the two, Kailee managed to escape a close-call with death. While finding four campers who were still hiding, she made her way to the buses after the announcement had been made and quickly made sure those campers got on that bus. She’d be called crazy for doing so, but the idea of leaving any child behind was too horrific to ponder in her head any longer than a minute. With the help of another counselor who showed up later, a good portion of campers were piled onto the bus before she climbed aboard and decided that camp had come to an end. Fortunately for the others who got stuck at camp, Kailee called the sheriff department as soon as she reached a phone. Little did she know, it’d be too late for a close pair of sisters.